How to Create a User Account as an Instructor

If you have been given the ability to create user accounts within your course, you can create a new user before enrolling them in your course.  You do this by following these steps: Click on the Enrollments button within your course. Click on the Users tab Click the Create New User button Enter the user’s […]

Price field will not display for manual enrollment types

Small enhancement implemented today:  If you set your course enrollment to Manual, meaning that an instructor or an administrator will enter the course enrollments, then the Price field will not display on either the course list page, nor on the home page for the course.

Search and Paginate Users and Enrollments

To provide the best performance and user experience, Grapevine now displays 10 users or enrollments on each page that displays user records.  This includes: Site Management > Users Course Enrollments Selecting Users for Course Enrollments Results page for student scores To make it easy to find your users on each of these screens, you can […]

Reorder Your Content

You can now reorder your units, unit pages, and page elements within your course.  Simply click on the sorting arrows and drag the items to display in the order that you want them. Note that the sorting arrows only display to instructors and administrators.  Students will not see those icons when viewing the course.

Single Video Course Type

It is now possible to have a type of course where only a single video displays on the course home page.  By selecting this type of course, there are no units or other organizational components for the course.  Only the single video is available.  Below are the steps for creating this type of course. First, […]

Discussion Questions

You can now add a discussion question and receive responses from your students directly within the context of your course content.  As an instructor or Site Administrator, click Create Page Element on a unit page and select the Discussion option.   Create the element and then your students can post their answers to the question […]

See Only Your Courses

There is now an option to allow you to see only the courses where you are enrolled.  To use this option, follow these instructions: Log in to your Grapevine Learning site. Once you are logged in, click on the My Courses link in the left-hand navigation. The list of courses will now only display the […]

Copy a Course

Need to create a new copy of your course for a new group of instructors or students?  Very simple: If you have the ability to create a course for your organization, go to the All Courses page. Click on the Create a Course button and select Copy a Course from the drop-down menu. Enter your […]

Essay Questions

If you want to have an open-ended response as part of an assessment to see what your students understand, essay questions are the way to go.  However, before you assign an essay question, keep in mind that you will need to review and score the student answers, as well as optionally give them feedback on […]

Forgot Your Password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can follow these steps to create a new password to log in and continue working in your learning site. First, click on the Login link in the upper-right-hand corner and you will see the Login modal pop up.   Click on the Forgot your password? link and you […]